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St. Teresa’s Secondary School (Kidderpore) was established in the year 1885 with the aim to promote the growth of the girl child --- Physically, Spiritually, Intellectually, Culturally and Socially. Our school is conducted by the Religious of the Congregation of the daughters of the Cross.

In 1833, Mother Marie Therese Haze founded the congregation, in Leige, Belgium, which then onwards has taken a steady progress in educating women throughout the world.

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The Independence Day programme of St. Teresa's Secondary School, Kidderpore.

About Alumni

Our Alumni is all about the gathering of ex-students of STSS to bridge the gap of years that had formed with the course of time and to bring social welfare. The first Re-union held on 18th December, 2011 was the power of motivation which leads to the formation of STSS Alumni.
The principal objective of The Association shall be to organise various activities to ameliorate the sufferings of the poor, needy or ailing, whether in the form of provision of scholarships, stipends, Library / Reading Room facilities, study and research centres for the meritorious and needy students or in the form of medical, nursing, diagnostic or other care for the ailing or any other form of community organisation and development projects for the upliftment of the weaker sections of society and for improvement of the environment and the general quality of life, for the advancement of education and culture and any other activity beneficial to the community at large.
Our school has helped all of us to grow into an integrated person and a complete human-being with our head always held high. We have been shaped with sound education, a habit of co-operation, discipline, self-confidence, regularity, punctuality in order to reach a great height in the field of our works as well as in the society.

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A Message from Sr. Marlene Jude

Sr. Marlene Jude

Date: Mon, Oct 24, 2016 at 9:53 PM, Sr. Marlene Jude

Thank you for the invitation - which, regretfully, I will not be able to accept.

Yes, I do believe you will miss dear Miss Konika Ghosh - I still find it hard to believe she has died. I am sure you will have an excellent turnout - that is the Teresian spirit! Please be sure to tell all our staff - former and present, and all our former Teresians that I send warm wishes. I pray that all may experience God's blessings and continue to make a difference for good as we try each day to live up to the faith and ideals we have received from our parents and school. HAVE A JOYFUL celebration!

Thank you again for reaching out to me Alpana and for giving me an update of beloved Teachers. By the grace of God I keep fairly good health and feel very blessed. Wishing you all the very best.

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