St. Teresa’s Secondary School (Kidderpore)

Categories of Members:

i) Ordinary Membership: - Shall be open to all past students upon payment of membership and subscription fees which shall be as ascertained by the Executive Council and approved by the members at the annual general meeting from time to time.

ii) Associate Membership: - Shall be open to Past students who are residing outside Kolkata, upon payment of membership and subscription fees which shall be set by the Executive Council and approved by the members at the annual general meeting from time to time.

iii) Honorary Membership :-Shall be the Mother Superior and or the Mother Provincial and the Principal of St. Teresa’s Secondary School (Kidderpore) and such other person/persons being interested in Education and/or the development of Students and/or such creative activity which would augment and facilitate in fulfilling the objects of the Association as enumerated in paragraph 3 and sub-paragraphs thereof. Such members shall be appointed for a period of at least two years subject to extension for such period as decided by at least a two third majority of the Executive Council and such Honorary Members shall not be liable to payment of any registration/subscription fees.

Cessation of Membership :-

a. The membership shall stand cancelled upon the demise of a member of any category;

b. Member shall be suspended upon non payment of two consecutive annual subscription;

c. Any member who is involved in any Criminal activity and/or has found to be guilty of charges related to criminal offences and/or moral turpitude shall be expelled forthwith by the Executive Committee in such manner as may be prescribed under the instant rules and/or in accordance with principles of natural justice and equity,;

In all matters relating to Membership, the decision of the Executive Council shall be final.

Registration fees :-
One time Registration fees shall be payable by every member except Honorary Members as follows :-
(i) Registration fees for Ex Teresians who have passed out not before 5 yrs from the date of registration Rs 1000.00 only

(ii) Others Rs 2000.00
(iii) Annual subscription! For all Rs 600.00 either half yearly in June and December or yearly
Subscription ( Annual ) :-
The annual subscription members for all members except (Honorary members) shall be a sum of Rs.600/- per annum to be paid either yearly and/or in two equal instalments before the month of June and December of each financial year. Failure to pay the annual Subscription fee for any two consecutive years or part thereof shall be liable for cancellation of the membership. Failure to pay the annual subscription fee for any year or part thereof shall dis-qualify the member from participating in the Election Process.

Procedure for Registering :-

1) Download the form from the site and duly fill it. (Download Registration Form)
2) Please write the cheque/ NEFT transaction details on the form.
3) Two PP photographs will be required.
4) A self addressed stamped envelope is also required.
5) An intimation of dispatch by email would be appreciated and those who can also send the scan copy of the form are requested to do so. This is a request so that we can take care of any glitches and improve on the system. Your co-operation is solicited.

6) The form should be sent to : Alpana Bhattacharyya, 88/2A, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road, Kolkata- 700013.

7) The Money Receipt and the ID Card will be sent to you directly after prior intimation of the dispatch on email or SMS

8) Forms can also be submitted with the Cheque /cash at Sunita's address and Deva's address.

Bank Detailes :-
Bank name: Punjab National bank, Kidderpore
S. B A/C No.:1406000100521174
IFSC Code: PUNB0140600
MICR Code: 700024016
Branch Code: 140600

Cash/Cheque/ NEFT should be made in favour of 'St Teresa's School (Kidderpore) Calcutta Alumni

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